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General Yoga Class

General Yoga Class Gold Coast

You might be relatively new to yoga or you may have been doing yoga for years. In this general yoga class we will explore a range of different movements and what are called yoga postures, all designed to support you feel better in yourself both physically and mentally.  Regardless of your level of flexibility , classes are designed around each participant's needs. There is a small class size and an opportunity to ask questions along the way.

What can I expect in this class?

The format of the class is a gentle warm up, a range of yoga postures and then a fifteen minute relaxation at the end. Along the way we explore your breath and how to create a greater awareness of what your body needs. In this class you will be encouraged to always move towards comfort and away from discomfort. I find most people experience enough discomfort in their day to day lives without having to deal with another dose of discomfort in their yoga class as well.

The class is designed to support you to feel greater vitality, flexibility and calm in your general day to day life. 

Yoga for Emotional ResilienceTrauma Sensitive Yoga Gold Coast

One of the things we know about anxiety and depression is that the nervous system is absolutely out of synch and disregulated. This often translates into the symptoms of not sleeping well or sleeping too much, irritability, hesitancy to be in life, physical ill health and a whole range of other symptoms that makes day to day living a bit of a chore. Within conventional treatment, what is happening in the body is often missed. Sometimes people who are experiencing anxiety and depression may not even feel like they have a body- which then can make things even more challenging. This is the perfect class if you are looking to empower yourself around managing your anxiety and depression through re-engaging with your body and your breath. Actually being able to regulate your breath and to be able to decipher the sensations and experiences you feel in your body into some form of useful action can provide significant relief from the day to day symptoms of anxiety and depression. Class sizes are small and everything is optional in this class as you are encouraged to find the regulation in life that allows for fuller participation in day to day life. 

What can I expect in this class?

Safety, privacy, care and support. Each week there will be a small educative component as well as movement , breath and relaxation. You will be supported to identify how your body and mind experience anxiety and depression. People can have an anxious mind and anxious body or an anxious mind and depressed body or a depressed mind and depressed body or a depressed mind and anxious body. The subsequent practices you will be introduced to will depend on how you actually experience your anxiety and depression. As part of participating in this course you will be invited to complete a short questionnaire that will actually assist in identifying your particular way in which you experience anxiety and depression. This alone can be quite an ah-ha for participants as they begin to take control back in their life.



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