Gold Coast Counselling & Psychotherapy Sessions

If you have run out of friends and family to listen to the things that are really upsetting you, it might be time to connect with someone who not only listens to what is happening for you, but who can support you to find your way to a better space. You may be upset with some of the habits that you have developed over the years, but you haven’t the ability to change them by yourself. You may just be disappointed with where you are in life and don’t know where to go from here. It can be frightening and overwhelming and a very lonely time.

  • Discover how you can deal with the stresses and anxiety of life
  • Obtain relief from the worry and upset that you feel in your life
  • Learn how to flow with your life rather than feel that you’re being controlled by life
  • Be willing to let go of hurts and upsets that no longer support you
  • Develop an expansive attitude to life and allow all that you truly want to enter your life
  • Discover how your physical health is intimately involved with how you’re feeling and thinking

During sessions, I draw on a range of approaches, based on consultation with YOU, as to what feels OK. I also embrace the five key principles of Trauma Informed Care. These are Safety, Trustworthiness, Collaboration, Choice and Empowerment. So in our work together these key principles inform and support all the work we do. Based on these principles, the range of approaches I might use when working with you are:


It's valuable to talk about what is happening as in this you may hear the very wisdom that has been elusive to you. Many clients say that they notice big changes in how they think and feel and it all seems to have come from just talking.  When we talk together it is not about me telling you what to do. When we talk together the process is to help you hear yourself and what you need to do- sometimes along the way I might make some suggestions but typically YOU have the answers to your problems.. it just sometimes takes kindness and courage to hear what needs to happen and I can assist you find both to make the change that needs to happen possible. In our sessions we can also explore specific strategies to deal with the anxiety or depression that you might be experiencing.

Somatic Psychotherapy

Starting to observe and listen to your body can assist you in releasing old hurts, filling the body with fresh energy and your mind with new insights. This is particularly valuable if you have been dealing with specific issues for a long time. It’s like you have got stuck and the body needs some support to move through and let these blocks go- gently and safely.

You might not even be aware of how your body feels and how it reacts to what is happening in your life. Or you may be very aware of your body... almost too aware and it may be creating so much pain that you can't get your thoughts clear.

I'm not only interested in what you are thinking but also what you are or aren't experiencing in your body. When we work with both your mind and body , the transformation can be quite remarkable. 

Relaxation and Breath Awareness

Learning to relax and breathe deeply will help you to gain a fresh perspective and new energy. Depending on the challenges you are working with, sessions may include some personal instruction on easy things you can start to do from day 1 to relax the mind and body as well as gently release the energetic memory of old experiences that sit in your joints, muscles and tissues of the body. Learning to relax your body and your breath is one of the most important strategies if you are working to overcome anxiety and depression. Don't forget to download your free copy of my fifteen minute relaxation.


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