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Registered yoga teacherI am a registered Dru Yoga teacher. Dru Yoga has developed into a powerful series of sequences, postures and visualisations that are capable of transforming health and well being by balancing the energies of the body, heart and mind.

Stress induced conditions can be tackled at a very deep level with Dru Yoga because of its "soft body" approach and resulting conscious relaxation. Because of the interconnectedness of the emotions, body and mind, changing any one of them has the power to change the others. For example, improved mobility in the spine or joints as a result of yoga movements or postures can result in the release of stored emotions from earlier traumas. Furthermore, if we are able to release these stored emotions, chronic pain and disease will often be resolved.

Everything in these classes is optional and you are encouraged to use these classes as a springboard for self discovery.

Results of Dru Yoga

  • 85% people felt a boost in their energy
  • 82% noticed an improvement in their strength and stamina
  • 72% experienced a positive change in their back pain
  • 93% experienced greater flexibility of the joints and spine
  • 69% of people mention that their sleeping is better

.... so if you'd like improvement in any of these areas, the answer seems obvious. You need to get to my Dru Yoga class. If you are looking for a class where you can place your big toe on your head , then you may want to give this class a miss. If however you're looking to lighten the load, calm and restore your nervous system and really reconnect with your body then this is the class for you. Your body and mind will thank you forever. If your not sure, your first class is on me so that you can get a sense of whether this is the class for you. You will be in a small class of 6 people maximum, in a quiet studio format, so that you can get the support and care that you deserve. All equipment is provided however if you have a favourite yoga mat or bolster you're more than welcome to bring it with you. 

Here is what some of my students have to say about Dru Yoga: 

Shirley's Dru Yoga classes are a wonderful experience.

I have never been an athletic person or enjoyed exercise. However following injury and diagnosis of osteoporosis, I realised I had to make a concerted effort to factor exercise into my day to day activities.
Ann, 56 years

I thoroughly enjoyed Shirley's dru yoga classes, they were always fun, lively, insightful and her beautiful relaxations brought me back to my still point-inner peace.
Sandy, 46 years

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