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The Greatest Meditation Teachers

Posted on Tuesday 1st September 2015

How our thoughts take us away from the present into anxiety, worry and sometimes dread. Just like a fly buzzing at the window our thoughts can be irritating, relentless and very annoying. You might kill the fly, but what about those thoughts? In this article you are invited to explore ways of being with the thoughts without having to kill them off.

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Strategies for Surviving Loss

Posted on Friday 13th March 2015

If you are dealing with a recent loss you may only just be starting to come to grips with what actually happened some 3 to 6 months after the event. Here are some guidelines to help you survive this period of grieving.

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Having a drink on me

Posted on Monday 26th January 2015

It is thought that low to moderate alcohol consumption may offer some protective health effects. However, high alcohol consumption increases the risk of heart, stroke, dementia and vascular diseases, liver cirrhosis and some cancers. It also contributes to disability and death through accidents, violence, suicide and homicide - so it’s something we all need to learn to moderate yet still enjoy.

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Monday 26th January 2015     Having Drink Me

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