I first went to see Shirley 10 years ago when I was having trouble finding and staying in a realtionship.

With Shirley's help, I worked through this and a range of other issues that had been troubling me. I was scared, stressed and often very, very down. The help Shirley gave me was life changing. Every day I use the techniques that she taught me. I have a wonderful, well rounded, rich and loving life, including a loving, wonderful partner, thanks to SHirley and the work  I did with her. Shirley  is the most effective, compassionate, skilled and well rounded healer that I know. I cannot recommend her highly enough. It can only do good to place yourself in her healing hands.

Anne, 44

When I first met Shirley I had been drifting through much of my teenage and adult life with inner emotional turmoil.

I was immediately struck by how well she read me, whereas many ordinary people couldn't understand what I was going through, nor did I know how to express my feelings with genuine sincerity. I believe I said flatly to her "You're good!" More importantly I was struck by her enormous wealth of kindness and the fantastic enrgy that radiated brightly from her. I can truly say that my life is now on a glorious path to peace and joy, and I have Shirley to thank for . I always will wish her and her practice the very best ....and I would definately recommend anyone to this very caring person.

Grant, 27

My health plus my outlook on life has changed for the better since I met Shirley.

When I couldn't handle a certain stressful problem, which was hampering my health, I decided to go to her. I came away feeling light and free of the load I had carried inside. I hold her in high esteem and told my friends who have also been to her and come away contented. One friend told me that it was the best thing I had done for him as he had been in a confused state. Through Shirley I have learnt to forgive and I have become more open to learning. I am so glad I met her... she is an inspiration to me and others.

Bettina, mature beyond her years

I have had the great pleasure to experience Shirley's wisdom and council for the past 10 years. It was lucky for me to have found Shirley and I would truly like to recommend her services and thank her for making my life a most enriching one.

Libby, 40

Shirley's love for her work is evident. She always remains attentive, acts with integrity and professionalism, and has amazing intuition by remaining in tune with where you are at and gently guiding you to the next step.

My experience from working closely with Shirley over the past eight years has been invaluable. Shirley's unique support has helped me grow in all areas of my life and I believe I would not have achieved this without her guidance.

Natasha, 35

Shirley gave me a safe place to come and bare my soul.

I first went to see Shirley almost 10 years ago after asking the Universe to PLEASE help me find somebody to help me find my way out. I felt lost, confused, stressed, unhappy, sometimes depressed and I didn't know how to help myself. Shirley gave me a safe place to come and bare my soul and shared her wisdom, compassion, support, boxes of tissues and laughter. She helped me to understand where I was, how I got there and how to "find" my way forward. Since then she has continued to be a healer and guide through so many events along this journey of mine, including the birth of my daughter and then twin boys, the loss of my mother to breast cancer, my Phd, even the loss of my 4-legged best friend. I will always be grateful to the universe for leading me to her door.

Sharon, 43

One of the things that struck me about Shirley was the level of clarity of her insight.

She has the ability to connect at an appropriate level. Our meetings left me with a renewed sense of understanding of myself and a strengthened trust in my own abilities and resilience.

Susan, 53

I wish I had met you years ago.

My sessions with you were exactly what I needed. I have been to psychiatrists and counsellors all my adult life and always felt there was something wrong with me. I always felt a failure. It was only after seeing you that I came to realise that I'm a pretty nice person and not the failure I thought I was, you made me realise how stressed I have always been, you taught me to laugh... 

THANK YOU SHIRLEY... you opened a window I never new was there.

Anna, 60

I found my time with Shirley to be life changing.

Our discussions were what I needed them to be and I was able to have someone to talk to on an open, honest and simple level. It was very liberating to be honest in a comfortable environment and each meeting had me changing… questioning some things in my life. I feel empowered now….all from talking.

Suzana, 31

Shirley is brilliant. Shirley gives you hope (when others don't) and she has really made a difference in my life.

Fiona, 23

Shirley's Dru Yoga classes are a wonderful experience.
Combining gentle exercise and relaxation - really good for flexibility in mind and body - also good fun as Shirley brings her sense of humour as well as great understanding to every class.


I have never been an athletic person or enjoyed exercise. However following injury and diagnosis of osteoporosis, I realised I had to make a concerted effort to factor exercise into my day to day activities.

After trying a number of options that did not sit well with me, a friend told me how happy she was with the results after joining a Dru Yoga class. I had done some yoga in my twenties but none since - it seemed a good idea to give it a try. I went along to Shirley's class and found myself looking forward to it every week - incredible for me!

Shirley is a wonderfully warm and welcoming person and an expert, caring teacher who brings out the best in you as she provides guidance and encouragement. The gently flowing but focused exercises have definately improved my core muscle strength, and I have thoroughly enjoyed the experience. So much so that I, the un-althlete, have taken the bold step to further my studies in Dru Yoga.

I have no hesitation in whatsoever recommending Shirley HIcks as your Dru Yoga Teacher. You will enjoy and benefit immensely from the experience.

Ann, 56 years

I thoroughly enjoyed Shirley's dru yoga classes, they were always fun, lively, insightful and her beautiful relaxations brought me back to my still point-inner peace.

Sandy, 46 years

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