Professional Supervision for Allied Health Professionals

I provide clinical supervision for counsellors, psychotherapists, mental health nurses and other allied health professionals. I am based on the Gold Coast. I am a Clinical Member and Mental Health Practitioner of PACFA and an Accredited Supervisor with PACFA. I have also completed Level 1 & 2 training in the Wheel of Supervision with CEP. I have been in clinical practise as a counsellor for over twenty-six years with a particular interest in the somatic aspect of working with clients.

Some questions you might choose to reflect on to assist you in clarifying what you need from your Supervisory Relationship ( adapted from Wheel of Supervision- Alison Strasser)

  • What are the particular difficulties or problems I might be experiencing when working with my clients?
  • If I could really tell my Supervisor what really concerns me in my practice work what might that be?
  • What do I actually need from my Supervisory relationship to work more effectively in my practice?
  • What do I need to share with my Supervisor to be able to work more freely with my clients?
  • What would I like to celebrate with my Supervisor?

The nature of an effective Supervisory relationship is one where you can feel heard, understood, challenged where appropriate but most of all safe to explore what arises for you when working with your clients. An effective Supervisory relationship can also assist you to come to an ethical understanding of how to work with particular ethical dilemmas that may arise when working with clients. Within the Supervisory relationship there are also opportunities for ongoing professional development and opportunities for developing your counselling skills. There is also an administrative aspect to our relationship in terms of coming to a suitable supervision contract and then the monitoring of that contract in line with your Professional Association requirements.

When working with Supervisees I support the following Supervision Guidelines (adapted from Peltier, 2001)

  • Honouring each Supervisee's uniqueness
  • Encouraging Supervisees to make choices
  • Encouraging Supervisees to act
  • Assisting the Supervisee to anticipate and embrace anxiety
  • Urging the Supervisee to get involved
  • Valuing responsibility
  • Allowing conflict and confrontation
  • Creating authentic relationships
  • To appreciate the absurd
  • Supervisees are encouraged to figure things out in their own way

If you would like to explore the possibility of a Supervisory relationship then please contact me at or call me in the clinic on 0419 800412. You might want to make contact for a no obligations discussion on how I might be able to support you in a Supervisory capacity. I am based on the Gold Coast and would be available for face to face sessions with Brisbane, Gold Coast and Northern NSW supervises ( I am ten minutes off the M1 at Varsity Lakes). Alternatively I also offer Supervision sessions via Skype or Zoom,  for those Supervisees where it is not feasible to attend face to face sessions. 

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