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Summer 2019 Newsletter

01st Jan. 2019

Summer Newsletter

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Gold Coast Counselling Services

Wellness is Within Clinic  Call 0419800412

Gold Coast Counselling

Welcome- you've most probably landed here as you are looking for someone who does counselling on the Gold Coast. Based in Varsity Lakes on the Gold Coast I provide counselling and psychotherapy support for a wide range of conditions such as depression or anxiety or a mixture of both. With over twenty years of experience I provide a safe, caring and confidential space for us to work together. This might be the first time you've reached out for support . Alternatively you might be very familiar with working with a mental health professional but you haven't yet found the right person to work with. Many of the clients I see have been "through the system" and found the results quite unsatisfactory. 

I also provide a range of yoga programs designed to support emotional resilience . If you are interested in actually learning strategies on how to live a fuller, healthier and happier life then you might want to consider my 4 week Wellness is Within Program.

How we work together is very dependant on what you want to achieve and what feels the most appropriate for where you are when we connect. Often the most difficult step is to acknowledge that things just have to change. If you are at that point, you have nothing to lose in calling and having a talk. I look forward to seeing you in the clinic.


Download your

Free eBook &
Relaxation Audio


I found my time with Shirley to be life changing.
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Shirley gave me a safe place to come and bare my soul.
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